On behalf of the WSL board of directors, as we look forward to our new website launching soon, please bear with us while we are also integrating our new League registration and management system with the new website. We are very excited about another great year of soccer coming up in 2024. We have added a new league in Madison that plays indoors in the winter, and we’d like to welcome that group to the WSL. With their addition we now have Leagues in all four geographic quadrants of Wisconsin. With that said, plans for state-wide competitions are in the works.

Those Leagues that are affiliated with WSL enjoy the benefits US Soccer provides, such as certificates of liability for facilities you play at, no charge supplemental injury insurance during WSL’s event and games, the credibility of being a US soccer member. The beauty of affiliating with WSL is that the league maintains their own identity and follows the basic US soccer guidelines of play. We ensure teams have US Soccer recognized referees covering their games. Registered teams in WI can qualify to play in US Soccer regional and national events as well. All these benefits are afforded at great low price. If you are the leader of a league or a club in Wisconsin and would like to discuss affiliation with the WSL, please reach out to Jim Keller at jkeller@wisoccerleagues.com and we can arrange a discussion of the opportunities. Looking forward to the launch of our new website, and the upcoming 2024 soccer season.

Happy Holidays, and all the best in 2024,

Jim Keller
WSL President