The Milwaukee Premier League consists of a Women’s Division and two Men’s Divisions; the First Division and the Majors Division, which teams can progress to after a successful season in the First Division. The full season is played in the fall and spring, with a winter break. New teams can be added to the First Division at the start of each new season in the fall, applications are taken during the summer and inquiries are answered at any time. Please send inquiries to the League Administrator at:

2023-2024 League Tables

Majors Division
1Bavarian United64112341913
2United Serbian S.C.6312159611
3F.C. Wisconsin Brewers6321119210
4Honduras F.C.62131318-59
6Milwaukee Sport Club6240614-86
7Croatian Eagles S.C.6033613-73
First Division (Green)
1MKE Crush77002882021
2Verdi S.C.73221710711
3Wolves F.C.63212091110
4MKE Serbians62401115-46
5F.C. Wisconsin Brewers7142725-185
6Milwaukee Sport Club71511019-94
First Division (Gold)
1Bavarian United66002742318
2Croatian Eagles S.C.6321126610
3Polonia S.C.6222131218
4MKE Inferno61239726


**Tables updated as of 3/11/2024

Spring Schedule

April 14
FirstVerdi S.C.MKE Serbians12:00 PM
FirstWolves F.C.F.C. Wisconsin Brewers12:00 PM
FirstMilwaukee Sport ClubMKE Crush12:00 PM
FirstPolonia S.C.MKE InfernoRESCHEDULE
FirstEBUBavarian United7:45 PM
April 21
FirstMilwaukee Sport ClubVerdi S.C.12:00 PM
FirstMKE SerbiansF.C. Wisconsin Brewers12:00 PM
FirstMKE CrushWolves F.C.12:00 PM
FirstMKE InfernoCroatian Eagles S.C.12:00 PM
FirstPolonia S.C.EBU12:00 PM
April 26
FirstBavarian UnitedCroatian Eagles S.C.8:00 PM
April 28
FirstWolves F.C.MKE Serbians12:00 PM
FirstF.C. Wisconsin BrewersMilwaukee Sport Club12:00 PM
FirstVerdi S.C.MKE Crush12:00 PM
FirstEBUMKE Inferno12:00 PM
MajorsHonduras F.C.United Serbian S.C.3:00 PM
MajorsMilwaukee Sport ClubBavarian United3:00 PM
MajorsEBUF.C. Wisconsin Brewers3:00 PM
May 4
MajorsBavarian UnitedEBU6:00 PM
May 5
FirstMilwaukee Sport ClubWolves F.C.12:00 PM
FirstMKE CrushMKE Serbians12:00 PM
FirstMKE InfernoBavarian United12:00 PM
FirstCroatian Eagles S.C.Polonia S.C.12:00 PM
FirstVerdi S.C.F.C. Wisconsin Brewers2:30 PM
MajorsCroatian Eagles S.C.Milwaukee Sport Club3:00 PM
MajorsF.C. Wisconsin BrewersHonduras F.C.5:15 PM
May 19
FirstMKE SerbiansMilwaukee Sport Club12:00 PM
FirstWolves F.C.Verdi S.C.12:00 PM
FirstF.C. Wisconsin BrewersMKE Crush12:00 PM
FirstBavarian United UnitedPolonia S.C.6:00 PM
FirstCroatian Eagles S.C.EBU12:00 PM
MajorsEBUCroatian Eagles S.C.3:00 PM
MajorsF.C. Wisconsin BrewersBavarian United2:30 PM
MajorsMilwaukee Sport ClubUnited Serbian S.C.3:00 PM
June 2
FirstMKE SerbiansEBU12:00 PM
FirstF.C. Wisconsin BrewersCroatian Eagles S.C.12:00 PM
FirstVerdi S.C.MKE Inferno12:00 PM
FirstMilwaukee Sport ClubBavarian United12:00 PM
FirstWolves F.C.Polonia S.C.12:00 PM
MajorsCroatian Eagles S.C.F.C. Wisconsin Brewers3:00 PM
MajorsBavarian UnitedHonduras F.C.3:00 PM
MajorsUnited Serbian S.C.EBU3:00 PM
June 9
FirstPolonia S.C.MKE Serbians12:00 PM
FirstEBUMKE Crush12:00 PM
FirstCroatian Eagles S.C.Verdi S.C.12:00 PM
FirstMKE InfernoMilwaukee Sport Club12:00 PM
FirstBavarian UnitedWolves F.C.12:00 PM
MajorsMilwaukee Sport ClubHonduras F.C.3:00 PM
MajorsUnited Serbian S.C.F.C. Wisconsin Brewers3:00 PM
MajorsBavarian UnitedCroatian Eagles S.C.3:00 PM
June 16
FirstMKE SerbiansBavarian United12:00 PM
FirstMKE CrushPolonia S.C.12:00 PM
FirstF.C. Wisconsin BrewersEBU12:00 PM
FirstMilwaukee Sport ClubCroatian Eagles S.C.12:00 PM
FirstWolves F.C.MKE Inferno12:00 PM
MajorsEBUMilwaukee Sport Club3:00 PM
MajorsUnited Serbian S.C.Bavarian United3:00 PM
MajorsHonduras F.C.Croatian Eagles S.C.3:00 PM
June 22
FirstBavarian UnitedMKE Crush7:30 PM
June 23
FirstMKE InfernoMKE Serbians12:00 PM
FirstPolonia S.C.F.C. Wisconsin Brewers12:00 PM
FirstEBUVerdi S.C.12:00 PM
FirstCroatian Eagles S.C.Wolves F.C.12:00 PM
MajorsHonduras F.C.EBU3:00 PM
MajorsCroatian Eagles S.C.United Serbian S.C.3:00 PM
MajorsF.C. Wisconsin BrewersMilwaukee Sport Club3:00 PM
Make Up Week (June 24 - June 30)
All Spring games to be played by June 30

**Schedule updated as of 4/12/2024

Majors Division Playoffs

 Seed 2  
  Winner (S2/S3/S6) 
Seed 3   
 Winner (S3/S6)  
Seed 6   
Seed 4  Champions
 Winner (S4/S5)  
Seed 5   
  Winner (S1/S4/S5) 
 Seed 1  


First Division Playoffs

Gold Seed 1   
 Gold (1 / 4)  
Gold Seed 4   
  Winner Gold Group 
Gold Seed 2   
 Gold (2 / 3)  
Gold Seed 3   
Green Seed 1  Champions
 Green (1 / 4)  
Green Seed 4   
  Winner Green Group 
Green Seed 2   
 Green (2 / 3)  
Green Seed 3