New for 2019-2020 are highlighted in section 7


1.1. Clubs: New clubs are formed at the discretion of the WSL Executive Committee, and must submit an application for membership in writing to the Administrator of the Wisconsin Soccer Leagues. The application must include (1) name of the club; (2) a list of club officers and their contact information; (3) anticipated number of the players and teams, and name of league(s) club expects to participate in; (4) club field locations including address. Application must include (1) a payment of annual club affiliation fees which, if membership is refused, shall be refunded; (2) a copy of applicant’s constitution, rules and by-laws. Clubs provide for the registration and rostering process for teams within the club. Each club’s voting strength is defined in the WSL Constitution By-laws. The voting structure within the member club is established by the club’s constitution and By-laws.

1.2. Leagues: Groups of teams formed together for soccer competition, usually at the same competitive division. To form a league affiliated with the WSL, submit a written request and operating rules to the WSL Administrator prior to the start of the next program year (September 1)

WSL Men’s, Women’s & Co-Ed leagues are as follows:

• Major & First Division
• Over 40
• Over 30
• U23
• U20
• Premier League
• Recreational

1.3. Players: All players must register to a team. Players are permitted one registration (player pass) per league (as defined above under leagues). The Majors and First Division are one league. Players may register in multiple leagues with multiple clubs.


2.1. Annual General Membership Meeting (AGM): The AGM will be held in the first quarter of the calendar year, and when possible in conjunction with the Youth State Association AGM.

2.2. WSL Board Meetings: The WSL Executive Committee shall meet quarterly, or more often as required.

2.3. Delegates to US Soccer Federation meetings and US Adult Soccer Association: The WSL

President may be sent as a delegate to US Soccer Federation, US Adult Soccer Association and USASA Midwest Region meetings, subject to budgetary considerations. Executive committee members may also be sent to any special meetings called by US Soccer Federation, US Adult
Soccer Association and USASA Midwest Region. Should members of the executive committee be unable to attend, the president may appoint alternate delegates. The president may appoint an individual to represent the Association at selected functions.


3.1. Priority of games: (1) USASA Cup Competitions; (2) WSL League Matches

Teams cannot be forced to change a scheduled league game for anything except a scheduled USASA Cup Match

Teams may reschedule a WSL League game for Cup competition in the following circumstances:

(1) The Cup game and league are scheduled on the same day or back to back days

(2) If a Cup game is schedule with 2 games in 3 days (i.e. League game on the 16th and Cup game on the 18th) the team can reschedule the league game if they:

a. Pay a $15 reschedule fee
b. Reschedule the game within three weeks of game or prior to the official end of the Spring or Fall season (if it is within three weeks)
c. Make the request within 48 hours of receiving the Cup schedule

3.2. WSL Game Replay Policy – A match is complete when two 45 minute halves are complete as per USSF rules.

• A Game suspended (postponed) in the first half, due to inclement weather will be completed from the time in the match it was postponed at the home field.

• A game suspended in the second half will be completed at the home field unless:

o The home team is losing. Second half game suspensions where the home team is losing the remainder of the game will be scheduled at the away team’s home field.

• When Two full halves are not complete, games can be considered complete under the following circumstances:

o The second half began, the game is suspended, the losing team contacts the league commissioner and accepts the final score

o The second half began, the game is suspended, the game is tied and both teams contact the league commissioner and accept the final score

3.3. WSL Home Game Policy – WSL teams are responsible for supplying a Home Field on game days at an appropriate time. WSL teams that cannot supply a home field or alternate home field for a home game will follow the following disciplinary action.

• First offense: A warning
• Second offense: $200 fine
• Third offense: $400 fine
• Fourth offense: $500 fine and disciplinary review for continuation in WSL

4. Game Guidelines

4.1. Home team:

a. Is responsible for 3 game balls, marking fields, placing corner flags and putting up nets.
b. Must ensure that goals are securely anchored to the ground.
c. Must change uniforms if similarities in uniform identifications result in difficulty of officials carrying out their assignments.

4.2. Coaches and Club Officials:

a. Responsible for game day management including spectator control. Spectators, coaches or players are not allowed on any portion of the end line. Team personnel (coaches, assistant coaches, managers, trainers, doctors, etc.) and non-participating players are required to remain in the coaching area. The coach area should extend no more than 10 yards on either side of the mid-field line. Where possible, bench areas should be marked at least five yards from the touch line. Players’ benches should be placed opposite of the side of the field from spectators. Team personnel should not exceed four individuals.

4.3. League Administrators:

a. Responsible for procedure compliance. League Administrators may institute disciplinary and/or remedial action. The costs associated with such actions may be assessed on the offending teams. Issues concerning improper game day procedures may be submitted to the league administrators by referees, visiting club administrators or coaches. League administrators make determinations of facts and may assess forfeiture and or fines. Repeat incidents by clubs may include removal from the leagues.

4.4. In the spirit of the game, teams are encouraged to return to the middle of the field for a ceremonial handshake post-game.

4.5. Standard FIFA Rules apply in addition to the policies listed above.

5. Travel policies:

Request for Travel Permits for out-of-state tournaments must be accompanied by the host tournaments sanctioning form, the team’s official WSL roster and the required fee (per current approved fee schedule). Send requests to the administrator of the WSL.

6. Player Registration:

6.1. Playing Season: The official playing season of this Association commences September 1 and closes August 31 the following year. All amateur players are released after August 31 of each year.

6.2. Team Roster: Roster size is unlimited by must not fall below 22 players at any one time. Eighteen (18) players are eligible to play in a match. Bench players and personnel cannot exceed thirty (30) individuals.

6.3. Youth Players: Properly registered youth players who are at least sixteen (16) years of age at the start of the program year (September 1) may play with adult teams, as long as they are registered and have submitted in hard copy the Parental Consent Waiver. Also see Policy 7.1.

6.4. USSF policy governs Amateur Reinstatement: Registration, transfer or release of a professional player.

6.5. International Clearance: All amateur and professional players from other state associations or other national associations must obtain an international clearance in accordance with USSF policy.

6.6. Player Passes/ Roster: Player passes or team roster with the player’s name, date of birth and a photograph are required. The Player Pass/roster must include the players registered level of competition. Player passes and roster are issued by the competition authority.

6.7. Team Rosters: Each team must submit its official roster to the referee before the game. Official rosters will be approved by the club for recreational teams and by the State for competitive teams. (Roster may not be altered once submitted to the referees).

6.8. Player Transfers. A player may transfer to another team in the same competitive division with an approved release of registration from the original club.

6.9. Releases: The registration of an amateur player with any team may be terminated only by mutual consent or by the authority of this WSL. A player may not register in the same division for another club or team until their release form is in the possession of the WSL administrator.

7. Adopted 2019 US Soccer Rule Changes:

7.1 US Soccer Safe Sport compliance must be observed by all teams and their players , managers, and coaches, prior to start of each season. Teams with players under 18 must review and comply with all requirements, and must notify League of an under 18 player. See rules at

7.2 Free Kicks: When there is a ‘wall’ of three or more defenders, the attackers are not allowed within 1m (1 yd) of the wall; an attacker less than 1m (1yd) from the ‘wall’ when the kick is taken will be penalised with an indirect free kick. When the defending team takes a free kick in their own penalty area, the ball is in play once the kick is taken; it does not have to leave the penalty area before it can be played the penalty area, the ball is in play once it is kicked and does not have to leave the penalty area, has produced a faster and more constructive restart. Opponents must remain outside the penalty area and at least 9.15m away until the ball is in play. The same change has been made to the goal kick.

7.3 Goal Kick: The ball is in play once the kick is taken; it can be played before leaving the penalty area. Opponents must remain outside the penalty area until the ball is in play.

7.4 Substitutes: A player who is being substituted must leave the field by the nearest point on the touchline/goal line (unless the referee indicates the player can leave quickly/immediately at the halfway line or a different point because of safety, injury etc.).The player must leave at the nearest point (as with an injury) unless the referee indicates otherwise, e.g. if the player can leave quickly at the halfway line, there is a safety/security issue or the player leaves on a stretcher. The player must go immediately to the technical area or dressing room to avoid problems with substitutes, spectators, or the match officials. A player who infringes the spirit of this Law should be sanctioned for unsporting behaviour i.e. delaying the restart of play.

7.5 Team Officials: A team official guilty of misconduct will be shown a YC (caution) or RC (sending-off); if the offender cannot be identified, the senior coach who is in the technical area at the time will receive the YC/RC.

8. Close of Registration:

No more than three players, amateur or professional, may be registered within fifteen days prior to the last scheduled league game (A WSL scheduled league game does NOT include rescheduled games, playoff games or championship games.)

9. Majors/First Division Teams:

All teams playing in the Major Division must qualify by competing for one season in the First Division and be offered promotion to the Major Division by the WSL. No Major player can play on a First Division team, but a First Division player can be used on the Major team. Player passes designate the level the player is registered.

10. Club Passes:

Between any two teams within a single club, players may “club pass” from a lower level of competition to a higher level of competition. No player registered for one level of competition may play at a lower level of competition unless officially released from the higher level by the WSL. The total number of eligible players in the sanctioned WSL competition is eighteen.

11. Fines:

Fines of $10.00 to $250.00 for noncompliance with rules and regulations of the WSL may be assessed by the Men’s/Women’s Commissioner. Fines of $250.00-$500.00 are assessed by the WSL Executive Committee. Fines of over $500.00 are assessed by a WSL State Board decision.

12. Suspensions:

Affiliated teams playing against suspended teams or clubs can be assessed a fine (Per Current Approved Fee Schedule).

Clubs using a suspended player or players in sanctioned games will incur a fine and forfeit the game (Per Current Approved Fee Schedule).

In WSL games, the referee must report the name of player sent off the field and this player’s pass must be submitted to the State office with the referee’s report. A suspended player(s) may not participate in replayed games. A suspended player(s) may not participate in regularly schedule league or WSL Cup games until the suspension is complete. A club official reported by the referee for inappropriate behavior can be suspended from attending games and or fined by the League Commissioner.

Unnecessary delay of game: 1-4 games

Challenging referee: 3-6 games

Foul, rough play: 4-12 games

Unsportsmanlike conduct 4-12 games (profanity/obscenity):

Striking a player: 4 game minimum

Fighting, causing a riot: 1 year or more

Referee assault or abuse: 1 year or more

13. Suspension Appeals:

Clubs can appeal a suspension. There is an appeal fee agreed upon by the WSL board. Submit the appeal via email to the Administrator , League Commissioner and WSL President, with a written copy and appeal fee provided to the Administrator within 3 days of receiving the ruling. An Appeals board will hear the ruling within 96 hours of receiving the appeal. The Appeal Committee is an independent Board without official ties to the WSL.

14. Cup Competitions:

The President of the WSL appoints the Cups commissioner. The WSL staff organizes and administers State Cup events.

15. Tournament Sanctioning:

A tournament hosting form and sanctioning fee (per current approved schedule) should be received by the WSL Administrator 30 days prior to the tournament.

16. Protests and Appeals:

The line of authority for an “opportunity to participate” protest or appeal shall be:

(1) The affiliated club; or in cases involving referees, the Discipline and Appeals Committee

(2) USSF – as provided in its By-Laws

The line of authority for all other protests or appeals shall be:

(1) The affiliated club

(2) The Executive Officers; or the Discipline and Appeals Committee, as provided below

(3) The Full Executive Committee

Further appeals must adhere with procedures in the By-laws and Policies of USSF or USASA.

All hearings are conducted under the rules and procedures under USSF By-laws Part VII – Hearings, Grievances, Disputes and Appeals.

An appeal of a decision must be submitted, by affiliated club administrators in writing, to the WSL State Office within seven (7) days of the ruling. The required fee must accompany the appeal.

An appeal of a decision made by the Discipline and Appeals Committee must be submitted in writing to the President within seven (7) days of the mailing of the ruling. The required fee must accompany the appeal. All appeals must be heard and decided within forty-five (45) days of submission to the WSL. The decision of the appellate body must be mailed to the appealing / protesting parties within ten (10) days of the decision. If WSL administration or committees take no action within the appeal period, the parties can appeal to the next higher body without an additional appeal fee.

Submit appeals arising from competition within an affiliated club, which affect the rights of teams to compete in intrastate games in writing to the Executive Committee after payment of the required fee. Submit appeals arising from tournament games in the WSL State Championship Tournament which affects the rights of teams to proceed to intrastate or interstate competition in writing directly from the tournament committee to the Executive Committee after payment of the required fee. All other appeals shall be submitted to the Discipline and Appeals Committee.

WSL Administrators or Committee Members with vested, club or personal relationship interest in appeals must recuse themselves.

Each protest or appeal fee is dollars ($200.00) paid in cash, money order or cashier’s check.

Personal checks shall not be accepted. The fees are returnable if the protest or appeal is upheld.

A two-thirds vote of the Executive Board of WSL is authorized to make technical changes to the Constitution and By-laws of the Association as may be required by a review of constitution and By-laws by USSF.

Updated 09/10/20